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Project Class
· Anticorrosion engineering
· Anticorrosion and thermal insulation engineering
· Anti-Corrosion of Ships and Ocean Engineering
· Anticorrosion of steel structure
· Chemical Environmental Antisepsis
· Electrochemical protection
· Engineering thermal insulation and energy saving
About Us

Torq Engineer is a professional anti-corrosion and heat preservation enterprise integrating design, consultation, construction, development of anti-corrosion and heat preservation materials and distribution of anti-corrosion and heat preservation materials. Has been engaged in various petroleum, chemical, smelting, power and other industrial and civil, municipal engineering equipment, pipelines, tanks, chemical cleaning, cold, radiation, leakage and cable fire, steel structure fire, waterproof and other project construction, construction quality, economic benefits are good.

The construction field involves more than ten industries, such as petroleum, chemical industry, hydropower, metallurgy, food, transportation and municipal administration. 

"Scientific management, excellence and classic shaping" is the company's quality policy, always putting quality and safety in the first place.Ensure that the one-time qualification rate of the project is over 98% and the excellent rate is over 90%. The company adheres to science and technology first, actively introduces and promotes advanced anti-corrosion construction technology, new materials, new equipment and new experience at home and abroad, and actively participates in the domestic anti-corrosion technology exchange conference.

In the future, the company will create better products based on this good foundation in return for the love of the industry.