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Project Class
Anticorrosion engineering
Anticorrosion and thermal insulation engineering
Anti-Corrosion of Ships and Ocean Engineering
Anticorrosion of steel structure
Chemical Environmental Antisepsis
Electrochemical protection
Engineering thermal insulation and energy saving
Pontoon Summary:

The long-term safety and comfort of the barge is a promise to tourists. Our company is in line with the international standards, vigorously promote the "metal cold roof" technology, and actively respond to the spirit of "energy saving, consumption reduction, emission reduction" of the 18th National Congress.

It is a project for the benefit of the country and the people.Project characteristics:
1. According to the hot weather, introduce cooling and energy-saving coatings from the United States, and provide a set of cooling and energy-saving programs.
2. "High reflectivity roof" is to reduce the heat absorption of the roof from the source by reflecting more than 80% of the solar radiation, and to solve the problem of cooling from the root.
3. Through repeated tests, the energy-saving efficiency has been increased by 2-4 times.
4. Reduce the heat of the material under solar radiation, thus slowing down the corrosion rate and obviously improving the service life.


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