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Anticorrosion engineering
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Anticorrosion of steel structure
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Submarine water supply pipeline
Submarine water supply pipeline
Submarine water supply pipeline Summary:

For this reason, it attracts countless tourists, so the demand for tap water supply is increasing. The problem of insufficient tap water is well solved by the submarine tap water supply pipeline, so the long-term protection of pipeline is the guarantee of pipeline life.
Solution features:
1. The paint itself is non-toxic and meets the requirements of the Standard for Safety Evaluation of Domestic Drinking Water Transport and Distribution Equipment and Protective Materials (2001).
2. Provide long-term protection life, service environment is buried in the seabed, so construction and material selection are also more targeted.
3. In large-scale pipeline operation, the outer wall needs to be well protected during curing time. The compact and compact coating is the key quality point of the outer wall. Transportation protection measures are in place to reduce the damage to the coating.

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