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Project Class
Anticorrosion engineering
Anticorrosion and thermal insulation engineering
Anti-Corrosion of Ships and Ocean Engineering
Anticorrosion of steel structure
Chemical Environmental Antisepsis
Electrochemical protection
Engineering thermal insulation and energy saving
75m Platform Supply Vessel
75m Platform Supply Vessel
75m Platform Supply Vessel Summary:

The ship has been inspected by American Classification Society (ABS) and meets the requirements of ABS norms and relevant international conventions.
Project characteristics:
1. The cabin space is narrow, which brings great challenges to painting construction (cleanliness, painting), and is handled by special tools and equipment.
2. Cabin space is narrow and there are many potential safety hazards, so safety and logistics must be closely coordinated and monitored.
3. There are many cabins, which bring great pressure to ventilation and dehumidification. It is very important to design a compact construction plan.
4. Short cycle and more cross-over work require compact construction plan and strict construction organization.
5. The construction standard is high, through multi-level inspection, layer by layer checks to ensure quality.

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